ZEEZIK Addresses LP Infrastructure and Attracts MZ Generation

온라인 제조 플랫폼 캐파(CAPA)가 스타트업계의 최신 뉴스를 영문으로 전달하는 미디어 ‘코리아테크데스크(KoreaTechDesk)’와 함께 캐파의 주요 고객 및 파트너를 소개합니다. 코리아테크데스크는 앞으로 캐파 블로그(blog.capa.ai)를 통해 소개된 인터뷰 콘텐츠를 가공해 기사로 작성, 배포할 예정입니다.

아래는 최근 코리아테크데스크에서 작성한 ‘LP 구독 서비스를 제공하는 지직(zeezik)’과 관련된 기사의 일부분입니다. 캐파 블로그에 게재된 한글 원문을 확인하고 싶다면 <여기를>, 기사 전문을 확인하고 싶다면 하단의 <영문기사 전문 보러가기> 버튼을 클릭해 주세요.

In recent years, the LP vinyl market has experienced a resurgence, shaking the music industry thrived since the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Recording Industry Association of America’s(RIAA) 2022 Music Industry Revenue Report, LP sales in the United States reached 41 million copies, surpassing CD sales, which stood at 33 million copies.

The driving force behind this LP craze is the MZ generation, known for their enthusiasm for ‘Newtro’ trends—rediscovering and enjoying past popular trends. This trend is also visible in the domestic music market, with limited edition LP albums gaining popularity. Artists such as Stella Jang, Naul, Baek Yerin, BTS, Taeyeon, and IU have released exclusive LP albums, with some selling out on the day of their release. However, despite the growing interest in vinyl records, the domestic LP market’s infrastructure is still limited, hindering broader public accessibility.

In response to this challenge, a South Korean startup ZEEZIK is capturing attention by addressing the pain points of the domestic LP market. ZEEZIK offers an LP subscription service that recommends and delivers LP albums to subscribers based on their taste preferences. Recently, ZEEZIK became a customer member of CAPA, an online manufacturing platform. The decision to partner with CAPA was influenced by the platform’s ability to streamline the manufacturing process, making it convenient for ZEEZIK to outsource the production of LP-related equipment.

ZEEZIK aims to improve the LP infrastructure that has hindered the entry of the MZ generation into the market. The startup’s name, inspired by the ‘creeping’ noise accompanying playing LP records, reflects their vision to revive the authentic LP culture that once dominated the music market. Interestingly, despite never experiencing LPs since birth, the MZ generation shows a significantly higher interest in vinyl records than other generations.

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