CAPA Partners Thrive at NextRise 2023

넥스트라이즈 nextrise

온라인 제조 플랫폼 캐파(CAPA)가 스타트업계의 최신 뉴스를 영문으로 전달하는 미디어 ‘코리아테크데스크(KoreaTechDesk)’와 함께 캐파의 주요 고객 및 파트너를 소개합니다. 코리아테크데스크는 앞으로 캐파 블로그(를 통해 소개된 인터뷰 콘텐츠를 가공해 기사로 작성, 배포할 예정입니다.

아래는 최근 코리아테크데스크에서 작성한 ‘넥스트라이즈 2023’에 참가한 캐파 고객을 소개하는 기사의 일부분입니다. 한글로 작성한 캐파 블로그 글 원문을 확인하고 싶다면 <여기를>, 기사 전문을 확인하고 싶다면 하단의 <영문기사 전문 보러가기> 버튼을 클릭해 주세요.

넥스트라이즈 nextrise
NextRise 2023 held in Seoul June1-2.

NextRise 2023, Showcasing the Future of Manufacturing

NextRise 2023, the prominent tech startup event held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, came to a resounding success on June 1st and 2nd. he event, celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, attracted over 450 startups from diverse fields, all eager to connect with industry leaders, investors, and accelerators in the vibrant startup ecosystem

Amidst the sea of innovators, the online manufacturing platform CAPA and its partners stood out, catching the attention of attendees with their groundbreaking contributions to the future of manufacturing. CAPA, known for its commitment to revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape, facilitated the presence of approximately 30 of its startup clients at NextRise 2023.

Among these exceptional companies, five startups stood out, captivating the imaginations of industry experts and investors alike. These startups are Narma, Innospace, Roen Surgical, Cellico, and Superbin, each pushing the boundaries of their respective industries and leaving a lasting impression at the event.

narma nextrise

Narma, a startup dedicated to developing cutting-edge delivery drones, captivated the audience with its revolutionary technology. As the first research institute company of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Narma has positioned itself as a pioneer in the field. The company’s electric dual tilt-rotor drone, optimized for delivery, has garnered significant attention for its high-speed flight capabilities and successful demonstration flights in challenging urban environments.

innospace nextrise

Innospace hailed as the “Korean version of SpaceX,” drew admiration with its private launch vehicle technology. Leveraging hybrid rocket technology, Innospace aims to drastically reduce rocket launch costs and shorten launch waiting times.

With the successful launch of the ‘Hanbit-TLV’ test launch vehicle in Brazil, Innospace solidified its position as the first private Korean company to achieve such a milestone. Plans are already underway for the development of ‘Hanbit-Nano,’ a two-stage launch vehicle set to revolutionize commercial launch services.

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